Friday, December 01, 2006

believe in

They believe in nothing; there is no core; they are blank. Perhaps, one might argue, they believe in one thing: their own supremacy. But that in itself is the nothingness that contains the emptiness.

Using this concept – that they believe in nothing, they exist alone in a barren and meaningless isolation – as a lens through which to view their actions, or inactions, is the only plausible way to make sense of them. Any other analysis fails to accommodate understanding. There is no other motivation: not rule of law nor the greater good, not greed, nor logic, nor conservatism, radicalism, benevolence, cruelty, compassion, nor loathing. None of it works.

The only coherent thread running through their actions is a detached maniacal selfishness obscuring a hibernating fear: exposure as being the smallest of persons while acting as if the they are the greatest of men.


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