Friday, March 24, 2006

blame the flag

The blame the flag crowd is at it again.

They say, What’s wrong with America?

The flag, that’s who! Why doesn’t it inspire Americans to defend it better? How can it just sit there, waving in its endless rippling, waiting for enemies to burn it? Why do countless children mumble a pledge of allegiance to it, almost uniformly misunderstanding the words and their meanings?

Why does it allow sweaty millionaire athletes to wrap themselves in it on international television? Why does it allow salesmen to use it to advertise their merchandise? Why does it allow corporations to use it as a logo while lying politicians wear it on their lapels?

Why did it allow the federal government to dictate its design, proportions and care?

How did we let it become spangled?

Well, strong leaders disagree with the blame the flag crowd. Patriots don’t hate a strong American symbol, and they are full of resolve, not straw!


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