Sunday, February 26, 2006

safety deficit

A true conservative estimate of gun safety adherence versus gun safety lapses shows an alarming safety deficit. Our nation had come to a balance of these forces some years ago, but any surplus we had has evaporated.

Why is this? Not for lack of strong leadership; because of weak followers.

Our leaders sacrifice safety because of the danger. We bend the rules today to avoid living in fear of the never-ending threat to safety, and so our children can face different, more advanced safety techniques tomorrow. The founding fathers had the foresight to put a structure in place for us; and the situation demands we find the secret loopholes to empower the thorough and insightful leaders of today to ignore this framework at their discretion.

Thomas Jefferson, the second Vice President of these United States, may have owned human beings and kept them as slaves, but he never shot his friend in the face during a lapse in gun safety.


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