Wednesday, February 22, 2006

safety corruption

Corruption, or willful ignorance of gun safety guidelines, has become endemic in America. Chalk it up to modern times or the decay of moral strength. Sure we have safety watchdogs, but who is dogging the dog-watchers?

Some anti-gun advocates say it is gun-users who are responsible for the corruption, or willful ignorance of gun safety. But let’s have a look at this theory. If gun-users are responsible for this safety corruption, then why are non-gun users affected by it?

Because the corruption cuts both ways.

Lets look at the most recent example of gun safety corruption. The Vice President shot his friend in the face. He had had a beer or two. He was on medication. He fired his gun well out of the safe zone in front of his hunting party. He used his power to avoid the police for half a day after the shooting. Even though they had all this time, the principals still couldn’t get their stories straight. And many witnesses are not being compelled to come forth with the truth.

But most of the time the Vice president is not using a gun. When he sets energy policy with his petroleum executive friends, he is not using a gun. When he tells a Senator to “Go fuck yourself,” although he might want to, he is not using a gun. When he lies and gets the USA to illegally invade a sovereign nation, he is not using a gun. When he helps Halliburton make billions of dollars, he is not using a gun.

And, at those times, at least, he is not shooting anyone in the face.


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